This shrine was created in December 2015.

It was originally meant to be a one page shrine due to Idike’s short appearance and the series itself being quite casual, which isn’t something I’d usually analyze. When I saw my love for Idike and fairy tales take over while putting this together, I converted it to a mini shrine to allow myself more freedom. With this, a long-standing wish has been fulfilled, as I briefly ran a fanlisting to Idike back in 2005 with plans to expand it once confident in my language skills.

Idike has always been dear to me not just because she’s special to Lui. I love narratives with well-written flawed female characters, all the more so when they lash out in their hurt because they don’t know how else to handle it. I appreciate this particular retelling by Kaori Yuki and how she elevated the princess to an agent rather than keep her as a passive prize.

Above all, I strongly relate to Idike: desperately wanting your efforts and accomplishments to be acknowledged and to be seen as who you really are, precisely because you’re constantly praised for who you aren’t, or for qualities not your own or not considered an essential part of you. Being called a genius is the quickest way to dismiss someone else’s efforts and struggles as perfection then becomes the standard and ceases to be an accomplishment. Lui and Idike connect through their pain first and foremost, and that’s more genuine to me than any bond, because what troubles us paints such a real picture of who we are.

Dornenkaefig (Dornenkäfig) is German for Cage of Thorns; it sounds and looks better than any English name I could come up with, and is fitting in that Grimm’s fairy tales are German folk tales. It was important to me to emphasize the thorns motif due to it being central to Idike’s writing, and the original tale’s name being Dornröschen (Little Briar Rose).

This layout’s colours were chosen to represent the thorns and the flowers that are symbolic of Idike’s story. Patterns used are from fivepointsapart. The Missus Hand and Esteban serve as content fonts. The navigation was inspired by one of Ivy’s layouts.

Dornenkaefig was featured at The Amazing!


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Wings is Todd’s shrine to Danielle de Barbarac from Ever After, an interpretation of the fairy tale Cinderella. The shrine invites you to explore Danielle by first introducing you to the subject matter, then taking you on a walk through her story. It examines the character from the lense of her relationships, and analyzes those relationships under thematic angles. If you enjoy fairy tale retellings that give the original female figures a much more active role, this might just be the shrine for you!