Through the Forest of Thorns

Welcome to Dornenkaefig (German for Cage of Thorns), a shrine dedicated to the character Friederike from the manga Ludwig Revolution (Ludwig Kakumei) by Kaori Yuki. Friederike is mostly referred to as Idike in the series, so I’ll call her that throughout the shrine. The current layout was optimized for Chrome and desktop view.

Ludwig Revolution is among the lesser known works by Kaori Yuki, and Little Briar Rose is only one of numerous fairy tales that the series reimagines, but Idike may very well be the most memorable female character in it — hardly surprising, considering the refreshing frankness of her personality and story as well as the hurt that resonates with Lui, the series’ main character. I love Idike’s character design, and even more so her weaknesses that speak to me, so I’ve always wanted to make a tribute to this minor character.

Note that there are unmarked spoilers all across the site. Idike’s story takes place within one chapter, and she is mentioned fleetingly a few times afterwards. There are no spoilers regarding the twists of the other fairy tale retellings.

This shrine’s content is based on the German publication by Carlsen (2005–2008) and the English translations provided by the scanlation groups Aerandria and sakura-crisis. It is assumed that you’re already familiar with the original fairy tale, which you may know as Sleeping Beauty.

If there’s anything you’d like to say about this dedication, I’d be delighted about any feedback in my guestbook! Thanks a lot for your visit.

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last update: April 2016