In Full Bloom

The following is a selection of my favourite panels and pages featuring Idike. The cleaned scans are all thanks to Aerandria (whose site is unfortunately no longer accessible). As Ludwig Revolution has not been licensed for the English-speaking audience, their scans are the only way to read the manga in English.

The German publication by Carlsen and the French version by Tonkam are both still available depending on where you look (as of August 2017, they are both up on Amazon). Tonkam has even published Ludwig Fantasia, the sequel, under the name of Ludwig Fantasy.

If you enjoy Kaori Yuki’s series, please support her by purchasing her available works!

Click on the images to open the gallery.

(As you might be able to tell, faceless and flashback panels are my aesthetic, which is how the entire Ever After page started. Any scenes of Idike in the flower field or Idike holding flowers are my favourite, too.)